Transforming Your Store into a Sparrow Flour Mill Hub

Unleashing the Potential of Domestic Flour Mills in Retail.

​Our Manufacturing Plan​t Near Ahmedabad

Why SPARROW is a game-changer for electronics and appliances stores? 

Meticulously designed to cater to diverse needs. From innovative features to superior craftsmanship, our flour mills offer a unique and comprehensive solution for every customer. 

Exclusive Product Range.

Transparent and Fair Business Practices 

We prioritize transparent and fair business practices. Our commitment to integrity ensures trust, ethical dealings, and a strong foundation for mutually beneficial relationships with partners and customers alike. 

Attractive Profit Margins 

Sparrow Brand offers resellers lucrative profit margins, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. We believe in rewarding our partners for their commitment and dedication. 


Sparrow Brand's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employs cutting-edge technology to produce premium domestic flour mills. Our dedicated team ensures precision, quality, and innovation in every product, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


OEM Product 

Empower your brand with Rinnova Appliances' OEM products. Tailored for you, create a powerful market presence in your area, showcasing quality, innovation, and reliability under your own label. 

Pricing to suit all sizes of Resellers. 

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 Best Manufacturing Facility in Industry

Our expansive industry facility is ready to cater to orders of any size 

ensuring swift and efficient production capabilities.

Sparrow Brand flour mills boast superior quality, meticulously crafted with precision. Our commitment to excellence ensures durable, efficient, and innovative products, setting a benchmark for premium domestic flour mill.

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Transforming Your Store into a Flour Mill Hub

Unleashing the Potential of Domestic Flour Mills in Retail.